Yellow Mushrooms

Hi everyone. You know when I started this blog I had all good intentions of being able to bring you some great room decor ideas each and every week. However, life it seems has played havoc on my so-called good intentions. The fact is, that taking care of the house, the yard, and my grandbaby takes way more of my time than I realized. I haven’t found any spare time to get on my computer for 3 weeks now, and it kind of saddens me, but you do what you can in life and always hope for the best.

I have been having some issues with a few of my houseplants and I really wanted to share some information with you this week. It may be something you are already dealing with or may have already solved on your own, but I have had plants for years and have never experienced this issue before. I was watering my plants one day and noticed a brightly colored substance in the dirt. I didn’t really pay too much attention to it that day, but during the next watering, I noticed that there were some yellow nodules sticking up out of the dirt.



After some searching, I found out that these colorful little guys are called Lecocoprinus birnbaumii. Good luck on pronouncing it. Anyway, they are supposedly not harmful to your plants. I have to let you know that I was so fascinated with them, that I didn’t really care at first if they were or were not harmful. They really have a beautiful yellow color to them but they can quickly spread and take up space in the plant they are in, and it is worth mentioning that they will indeed spread to plants that are nearby. If you don’t mind them, then let them be.

They like wet soil and hot weather and they feed on dead organic material. If you want to get rid of them you can try a few different ways.

  1. Remove the top couple of inches of soil and replace it with fresh soil.
  2. Remove all the dirt and gently brush away as much soil as you can from the roots. Then put all new soil back in your plant. This can cause some stress to the plant so be very careful.
  3. You can just get rid of the plant if you can’t live with them or put them outside and away from other plants.


These mushrooms are very hard to remove once the spores and vegetation of the growth of the fungus have settled deep within your plant pot and the roots of your plant. They should not be eaten, so if you’re worried that children or animals may be tempted to taste them, it’s best to throw the plant away.

I hope this bit of information was helpful and that unlike me, you won’t wait around to get rid of them. All the while you’re admiring their inherent beauty, they are spreading further into your plant. The faster you take care of them, the better. Enjoy your summer.

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