Getting Ready for My Bathroom Redo

Hi everyone! I’ve been gathering all the items I need to redo a spare bathroom on my second floor. It very rarely gets used in the summer, but I like to soak in the tub and read during the winter months. It seems to be the only way I can really warm up. As much as I want to get the old peeling wallpaper off, I am not looking forward to removing it. It is a task that very rarely goes quickly or easily.

Since I always have to do something unique in my rooms, I have decided to cover the cabinet fronts in a peel and stick wall covering I found on Wayfair and then do the wall above them in another wood-look pattern. I know it will look really great. However, the floor is going to need painting since it will not match the new design and I will have to repaint the window as well, which I did in a crackle effect to match my wallpaper background. I never seem to make things easy on myself. I am praying that a hand sander will help smooth out the roughness of the window and floor. I cannot see myself stripping the old paint, which is what I should do, but the fumes from paint stripper are so strong, I don’t think I can handle it.

I have included some pictures of the old look, which I really loved, and will show photos of the new look when I am finished. The new colors will be grey, and light blue. Wish me luck.


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