Accent Table Redo With Burlap and Sisal Rope

Hello everyone. Hope your Easter was shared with loving family members and filled with lots of happy memories. I just wanted to share a couple of projects I have been working on lately. The first one is a three-legged accent table that I bought because I didn’t have enough money for something more expensive at the time.  I bought them to go with some hand me down furniture from my childhood.  I originally used them as nightstands in a bedroom, but they have been used in various other places of my home since. You may recognize them, and even have a couple of your own you would like to utilize in some way. The tops are made of particle board and are usually used with a table skirt. I have found that they are sturdy enough to hold plants, and pretty much anything else I have wanted to display on them. However, the skirts do get dusty and dirty, so I decided to use this one in a different way. I have included the before and after pictures as well as the step by step instructions and the supplies you will need if you want to do one yourself.





You will need:

  1. A can of spray adhesive.
  2. A 23″ square piece of burlap.
  3. A Stencil of your choice I( I used a stencil I found at Michael’s crafts).
  4. Tacky spray to hold the stencil in place.
  5. A spool of 3/8″cross grain ribbon in a tan colour.
  6. Decorative upholstery tacks (7/16″), I had some in a copper colour finish that worked very well. You can buy these at craft, fabric and hardware stores as well as Amazon.
  7. White and Tan acrylic paint. ( I used Americana Decor Acrylic paint colours- Fawn and Snow White).
  8. A 100 ft. spool of natural fibre sisal rope.
  9. A small tip artist brush to get paint into the crevices of the burlap.
  10. Hot glue gun.
  11. Tack hammer and tarp to work on.



    Start by disassembling the table. Then, paint the bottom of the table with the Fawn acrylic paint. I mostly took this step because my table is at a height where people will see the bottom. Once that dries, spray some of the adhesive onto the top and sides of the table. When it becomes tacky, press the burlap onto the table and smooth out the fabric with a credit card or a wallpaper smoother. (Read the instructions on the can to be sure when to place the fabric onto the glued table top). Next step is to turn the table on its side and start applying the ribbon and tacks. First, mark the ribbon with a pencil or marker to know where to hammer in the tacks. I placed mine 1 1/2″ apart but you can put them as close as you want. You may want to put them a 1/2 inch apart. It’s really up to you. Be sure to place the tacks directly in the center of the table edges so they don’t hang over the top or bottom of the table. Try to keep the ribbon held tight as you hammer the tacks in unless you want to glue the ribbon down first. I figured the glue would make it a little more difficult to get the tacks in since the glue dries so hard. After finishing this, you can start on the legs. Heat up your glue gun and apply enough glue so that the first four rows of the sisal rope are secured to the table. After that just keep wrapping it around the legs, pushing the rope together tightly as you go. When you reach the last inch or so put more glue down to secure the rope to the legs. Repeat the process on the other two legs. Then you will be ready to stencil your design on the top. Spray the back of the stencil with the tacky glue and place it in the center of the tabletop. Check instructions on the can to see how long to wait before placing the stencil on the fabric.  You’ll have to be sure you get the paint into the crevices of the burlap, that’s why I used a small tip brush.  There were very thin lines to my stencil but it turned out great. If you don’t feel like the paint is as bright a white as you want it, put on a second coat (I only did one coat). Once the stencil is dry, you can add the legs and set up your table. My table came with a glass top. I suggest you try to find one to keep the table free of dust if you don’t already have one. You could apply a few coats of non-yellowing varnish if you don’t have a glass top. Hopefully, that will allow for easier cleaning. This is the finished product.IMG_20180405_172910620My second project was making some of those little mason jar hanging flower pots with the LED lights in them. I already had some scrap wood that my husband cut into 12″ long pieces for me. I bought a couple of black hooks from the local hardware store and after weathering the boards with some limewash glaze, I attached the hooks, then started on the jars. I picked up some of the 3 ft. long LED lights at the Christmas Tree Store and placed them into my jars. I hot glued some sisal rope around the tops of the jars and made a loop so they would hang. I also threw some of the straw-looking grass I had in my stash of floral stuff into the jars. After deciding on my flowers, I cut the stems to make them fit properly and placed them in the jar. I put some sticky back pieces of velcroe to the small light boxes and placed them right behind the tops of the jars so they wouldn’t show. These are designed to be turned off and on, whenever you like, so they needed to be accessible. The batteries will eventually have to be replaced as well, so the velcroe seemed like the practical thing to work with. Below are the finished products.



    Now that I had those finished, I decided to hang up all the old pictures I took down when I refreshed the wall paint. Of course, I couldn’t use the old frames since I was going for a new look. I mean, who does that? So I naturally bought some new frames and artwork for the walls. Then, I weathered some of the old wood finished frames I had. First I sanded them, Then painted them in a grey or tan colour acrylic paint. When they were dry, I put a limewash glaze on them so they would match the ones I purchased. You can see how good they turned out. This is a picture of me and my son when we were much younger.




This is the finished stairway with the table display, new flower pots and finished picture collection.






That’s the end of this project but there will be many more to come, so follow along with me. I hope I have inspired you to create something new of your own. Happy decorating!

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