Bedroom Redo

There’s something about the coming of spring that sets my soul on fire to make changes to my home. After painting the master bath in my son’s home the Sherwin Williams color-Tidewater SW6477, I was inspired to redo one of my spare bedrooms. I fell in love with the colour. It is so tranquil and soft, I just want to melt into it. I think it’s the perfect colour for a bedroom where you truly want to relax and feel at peace. There’s something romantic about it too. (If you look this colour up on the website it looks more blue than green, when in fact it has more of a greenish tint to it as you can see in these photos).


I painted the dresser and nightstand in this room as well as the small side table and book shelf. They were all redwood finish and way too dark for the look I was after. I chose a chalky paint colour from the Valspar colour line called Her Dainties for the sides and fronts of the furniture and decided to paint the drawers and top with furniture paint in the colour Wet Pavement (also Valspar). Ater painting the drawers and tops of the furniture, I decided to add a limewash glaze to the finish.  It gives the pieces a sunbleached or driftwood look. I also added a piece of decorative trim to the edges of the pieces and switched out the old chrome knobs for glass.  Before installing the knobs I found a stencil that I liked at Michaels Crafts and painted it on with a white craft paint. It is from the Martha Stewart Line of products. All the colours in the room, with the exception of the carpet, were chosen to match my fabric choice which is a Waverly pattern that I found at Joann Fabrics. Below you can see the before and after pictures of the dresser.



The headboard for this room was white and boring. I decided to redo it and add a button-tucked look and since I didn’t want a seam in the middle I had to put a four-inch border of fabric around the outside. I also wanted some piping to add some contrast. I originally covered the buttons to match the headboard. After I was finished with the project, my husband asked me why I didn’t make them the same colour as the piping. I’ll admit I thought about it very seriously before I covered them in the first place. You have to keep in mind that my husband very seldom takes any interest in my projects, and very rarely has anything at all to say about them except an occasional “that looks nice”. He does cut a board for me now and then, but that’s it. He actually watched me do all the work and had nothing to say until I was finished, so you could understand why I didn’t want to even consider the idea again until he was out of site. After he left I decided to cut a few small squares of the contrasting fabric and simply tuck it neatly over and behind each button. It looked so much better, though it’s hard for me to admit it now. After finishing the headboard I figured I was on a roll so I made a bed skirt with the same fabric, covered a lampshade, made a cover for a small chair I had in the room, and made some custom roman shades. Like I said, I was on a roll.



I plan on showing the steps to do each of these projects yourself in a future post.

Now I just have to wait for some warmer weather so I can paint the desk in this room. I didn’t show it because it’s not done. I found that the primer paint is too strong to use without the windows open, so hopefully, I can finish that this summer. Unfortunately, I am stuck with the rose coloured carpet that came with the house. I have managed to make it work through every redo but I have to be honest- I am beginning to really hate it. I just can’t get my husband to go along with replacing it since it’s out of sight and out of mind as far as he’s concerned. Since I am wiser and have learned to pick my battles, this doesn’t seem like the time to argue about the carpet.  So I’ll let it sit for awhile and move onto something else to appease my thirst for change.

Happy decorating!

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