Be Creative

I just wanted to take some time to encourage everyone to be more creative when it comes to your home. I don’t necessarily mean that you should come up with new ideas, although that’s great, I just think so many of my friends and family have abilities they don’t even know they have because they aren’t willing to try something new. There are so many instructional videos and ideas all around you for creating beautiful, useful items for your homes, and you’re not taking advantage of them. I  love spending time making things for my home, in fact, I try very hard to come up with as many ways as I can to add my personal touch to every room I redo in my home.

I realize that not everyone has the time or space to do larger projects that may require power tools, but you can always put together a silk flower arrangement,  paint a picture, or stencil a design on something. Repainting furniture is fun and fairly easy, and you can find sites with tips for doing it right. I have constructed headboards, recovered furniture, made bed skirts,  window treatments, stencilled walls, made flower arrangements and even painted a design on my bathroom floor. I would like to share some of my recent projects to encourage you to dive into one of your own. Below you will find some artwork I did for my bedroom using shells I brought home from a vacation. I love the way they turned out.



For the first two, I simply found some frames I liked, took out the glass, placed some grey cardstock behind the matting, and figured out what shells I wanted to use and placed them in the order that worked best. The brown shells worked well because I have oak furniture in the room. The other two frames I found at my local Hobby Lobby store. I loved the look of them so I decided to buy some foam board for the backing and the matting. After laying out all the designs I wanted to use and figuring out how much space they would take up in each section (4″ x 6″), I cut the pieces out for the matting layer and painted them to match my walls. I actually used the wall paint for this. I hot glued the boards in place, then the shells and nailed picture hangers on the back. My project was complete and I was happy. To keep them clean since they don’t have glass, I use a Swiffer duster to gently wipe across the shells. Below you can see how they look in the room.


I have lots of other projects to share with you and I hope you share yours with me.

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