My Dream Family Room

My family room starts with a cathedral ceiling. I love the openness and scale it adds to the space. The wood I chose for the ceiling design is a multi-coloured pattern that picks up all the colors I have chosen for the room. Since I also like the look of a split stone fireplace I have envisioned it going all the way to the ceiling with storage cabinets along each side. Above them, I visualize the walls finished in a stacked wood. I have included a layout of the room as I envision it, along with the items I would place there. I chose these particular pieces because they fit my needs and style. I hope you enjoy sharing this vision with me.




Moving on to furniture, I chose two denim blue sofas and two patterned reclining chairs for my u-shaped design. The sofas are only 17″ deep so I can sit with my back resting comfortably on the back cushion. So many sofa’s and sectionals are so deep, a person needs to climb up on them to get any back support. I really liked the pattern in these chairs from Wayfair. It’s whimsical and has the right colours for my room. I decided to change out the throw pillows for the sofas with some from Hayneedle. The coffee table is also from Hayneedle and has space for books and anything else I want to pile on it. I chose a fun little table to put between the chairs and the sofa facing the fireplace will have round tables at each end. Directly behind the sofa, and in front of the windows there will be two console tables  to display some of the many plants I have. In two corners of the room, I have added some extra seating by the placement of two club chairs.  The end tables will hold blue lamps with grey shades and I have chosen a novelty lamp with a night light for the chair table. An area rug will cover the floor in the seating area since the floor will also be hardwood in a dark finish.




Of course, the room needs some accessories so I have included a few I found online. The fact is, I love browsing the stores in my area for pieces that are special to me. I like holding them, feeling them, and just really getting the whole sensual experience of shopping.  It’s like a treasure hunt for me and I have some great stores to choose from. I did like the two blue giclee silkscreen prints I found at lamps plus. They are bold enough to stand out and will help spread the darker blue around the room more evenly as they hang on either side of the fireplace.  You will also see some small items I found to place around the room, the books, hourglass, and birds are shown here.


I didn’t forget about the window treatments. To keep it simple but still hold onto the idea of having lots of texture, I chose woven wood shades from select blinds in a neutral tone to simply blend in with all the wood.


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