Sell Your Home for More

It seems that the website Zillow has analyzed 32,000 photos of homes that were sold around the world and have come up with the most desired room colors for new buyers. The article was published in AARP this month and we found it quite interesting. While most people will probably think that a  white, or neutral tone on their walls, would help it sell more quickly, the findings were quite different.  We will enlighten you with their findings.

For the kitchen, a soft blue-grey will increase your sale by $1,809, while a straw yellow/ marigold palette will decrease your sale by $820. Bathrooms will get you an extra $5,400 if you use Powder Blue/Periwinkle instead of off-white, which will generate a loss of $4,035. While looking at bedrooms, they found that cerulean/cadet blue were the popular colors, bringing an addition of $1,856. While light pink and antique rose, deducted the price by $208. That’s not as bad as some of the others but still a loss. Moving onto dining rooms, they discovered that a slate/pale blue-grey was preferred (+$1,926), while brick red/copper red created a loss of $2,031. In one of our favorite places to hang out- the living room,  they found that most people preferred light beige/taupe colors (+$1,809) as opposed to pastel gray/light blue (-$820). Finally, the exterior of homes was also looked at and the color “Griege” was most popular with an addition of $1,526 and a medium brown/taupe was considered a loss of $1,970.

While I found this information interesting, I still think that color is really something that is personal for everyone. It seems that the colors that are popular, are the ones that the designers determine are perfect for this year, whether we all agree with them or not. Personally, I enjoy soft muted tones and find comfort and peace when surrounded by the colors of nature. Whether it’s the color of the ocean or a sunset palette, I love color.  I agree that when selling your home, you should keep in mind what buyers are looking for, but I don’t think that decorating our home should be done by statistics or trends. The thing that makes us unique is expressing ourselves any way we choose. Color lets us do just that, whether it’s in your clothing or home, we should surround ourselves with colors that make us feel good. I hope you are expressing yourself in a way that makes you happy.

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